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Our Story:


Rod and Jill Fazekas spent the first twenty years, of their motorsports careers, as owners, drivers and crew members of both motorcycle and auto competition racing teams. From the late 90's through 2015, Jill was a contracted driver and Rod a crew member and fabricator for various professional exhibition motorsports teams. Beginning in January 2016, the couple formed PerfectMatch Motorsports, and began building their Domestic Disturbance nostalgia nitro funny car exhibition match racing team.


"After having to leave our long term jet exhibition positions, we had to make the tough decision about what would follow. All options were discussed and included everything from completing the interior of our home to Sprint Car racing. We did our homework and some soul-searching, before placing our lists on the table. As soon as we did, our new path became very clear." ~Rod
1970’s Funny Cars and their drivers undoubtedly had presence and personality. Most cars of that period were commonly identified with an edgy, catchy and memorable nickname. In keeping with tradition, Rod & Jill were happy to announce the name of their team was going to be PerfectMatch Motorsports / Domestic Disturbance NNFC team.  The 1966 Nova and 1971 Mustang fiberglass bodied funny cars, will also have distinctive monikers. (TBA)


"The build didn’t begin until Rod and I fully agreed upon our objectives. It didn’t take very long, because we think alike! Scary but true. For many years, we worked on dirt-floored garages and towed our racers on open trailers. So, we truly appreciate what we are building and giving it  our best 120%+ effort." ~Jill


​The cars will be capable of running period correct 1970's era quarter mile speeds and elapsed times (ET.) The funny car category had gone through drastic changes between 1970 and 1979, so they chose a mid 1970’s speed and elapsed time as their target (low 6.0 sec. ET / 230 MPH.) The Hemi engines will be supercharged and running on nitromethane fuel @ 90%. They will also be capable of doing dry-hops and very long burnouts, just as 1970's funny cars did.

After spending a combined 30 years in the exhibition motorsports industry, they know it takes to be successful match racers. Event promoters and track owners must be satisfied with their performance. This is achieved by thrilling the ticket holders with showmanship and multiple full side-by-side passes. In addition, the cars, team members, hauler and merchandise have to be professional, eye-catching and memorable. 

In order to achieve all objectives; they had to upgrade a number of their pre-existing 1970's era car components, as well as make structural and cosmetic changes to their mid 1990's built truck & trailer. Due to the advancements in drag racing safety and technology, during the past 40 years, there was no possible way to avoid it. Engine and drivetrain component availability, reliability, durability, current chassis & component safety requirements, modern traction compounds and tire quality all factored in, during the decision making process.

The Mustang and Nova chassis are period correct original late 70’s design, except for the required safety upgrades. Many of the rolling chassis components are also original. Upgraded components include: safety equipment, engine, clutch, transmission and rears. Fortunately, Rod & Jill were able to disguise some of the modern parts, to have a nostalgic appearance. The 1966 Nova & 1971 Mustang one-piece bodies are molded from period correct material (fiberglass,) and mounted by the couple in their personal shop, using traditional techniques. Larry Williams was hired to design paint schemes that were "nostalgic with a modern twist" (just like the cars,) and he nailed it. The bodies have been skillfully painted and hand lettered by the talented Chuck Buckler, who is adding his magic touch to the Williams designs. Travis Soper, of Rehab Kustom Paint and Auto Body, is also working with Chuck to make them extra special.

To top it off, the car monikers are edgy and fun!

"If we had to place a descriptive label on our exhibition/match racing team; it would be Nostalgia-esque!"

~ Rod & Jill

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